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Diana production

Diana productionл

Our production in sold on the market at best prices for the country, and for our regular customers we have big discounts.

Wе also offer custom-made things for furnishing hotels, inns, hospitals, kinder-gardens, with our materials and client materials as well.

Aniteks 2001 Ltd offers its products under the trades name DIANA.

We produce for you: linens and bedding sets

Bulgarian percale || Imported percale || crape || satin

Light sets of cotton satin with different stuffing as follows:

For the summer 150g polyester wadding || For the winter 300g polyester wadding || stuffing of silicone wadding with different weight || stuffing of Eco-silicone fluff with different weight || stuffing of cotton fluff and different weight

The linens are produced in a wide variety of colors:

print || print + one color combination || white|| print|| one color|| all kinds of combinations of colors and models

Our company offers full range of bed linens for your, baby, child or adolescent. at home or for the kinder-garden or pension. We also have soft covers for the walls of the baby crib, diapers for the discharge form the hospital, baby pillows and blankets.

For the comfort of your bedroom we offer bedspreads from jacquard + pillows from percale, double faced, quilted.

For the healthy and peaceful sleep we make pillows in different sizes and with different stuffings.

You can find in our catalog a wide verity of imported microfiber and fleece blankets as well as acrylic ones all in diverse models and colors.

We have three types of blankets: acrylic Spanish type – summer and winter; light microfiber; fleece.

We also offer a very rich selection in sizes and colors of table cloths.

The company produces as well slippers for one-time use.