Diana - blanket of fluffy, lightweight microfiber and fleece

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The blankets we offer are imported.

We have three kinds of blankets: acrylic Spanish type – summer and winter; light microfiber; polar fleece

The microfiber blanket is a breathing blanket! Diana Fleece microfiber is a fluffy and light blanket, with extreme softness and light feeling at touch. We recommend this for people suffering allergies. The blanket from fleece microfiber is an alternative to the eiderdown which usually causes allergies. Filled with special microfiber the blanket provides extreme softness, warmth and cosiness and guarantees you a deep, pleasant sleep.

Polar fleece – the advantages of these blankets are in their lightness, softness, small volume and suitability for all seasons and in bright colors. Just like the acrylic blankets, the fleece ones are also anti allergic, they do not hold dust or microorganisms and dry quickly.

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We offer blankets on wholesale in our office and retail in our online store. Click here to order a blanket